What can charities do at CanadaHelps?

We offer charities simple ways to connect with supporters and to collect donations online.

Since thousands of Canadians visit CanadaHelps.org each day, charities can use the site to connect with existing donors and also make it easy for new donors to find them. Charities can set up their free charity profile page on CanadaHelps.org to help donors understand their organization and their mission. They can also create charitable gifts and charity campaigns.

In addition to CanadaHelps.org, we provide charities with a number of tools they can customize and use on their own websites to collect donations and monthly gifts, run charitable events or fundraise for specific campaigns. Our tools are made with small charities in mind – they’re powerful and easy-to-use, and since CanadaHelps is also a charity, they’re available at prices that a fraction of what for-profit platforms charge. We save charities time and accounting headaches by taking care of all tax receipting for donors. Our services include secure electronic fund transfers to ensure charities receive donations quickly, directly to their bank account, and our fees include all payment processing charges. Charities also receive access to special White Papers, Webinars and other resources and training.

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