How can I support CanadaHelps?

Every time you donate to a Canadian charity using CanadaHelps, you’re helping to increase charitable giving across Canada. You’re helping CanadaHelps to continue to provide charities with the new and innovative fundraising tools they need — at the best, non-commercial rates — so more of your donation goes to true charitable work.

That’s what CanadaHelps is all about and we’re thankful for your support. Of course, we’re very happy for any additional support you can offer, too.

Here are some additional ways you can help us better serve both Canadian charities and individuals.

  • When you donate to any charity using our platform, you’ll see an option to add a small donation to CanadaHelps to help support us in our work. You can also donate to us directly by visiting our profile page on the CanadaHelps site.
  • Spread the word.
  • Tell your friends and family about us: over the phone, in an e-mail, or by posting a link to our site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr or your personal blog. Share the good feelings that come with giving.
  • Give a CanadaHelps Charity Gift Card to someone you love.

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