How do charities get their funds?

We send your donation to the charities you support on a regular schedule.

95% of donations made using CanadaHelps are directed to charities that have set up electronic fund transfers (EFTs), and to whom we transfer funds weekly.
Donations made from Sunday to Saturday are disbursed the following Thursday. It can take a few days to clear in the charity’s bank account, depending on its arrangements
with its bank.

For charities that have not signed up for a free account and set up electronic fund transfers (EFTs), we issue a paper cheque. We send those cheques once a month.

Occasionally, a charity will change its address or banking information and forget to update CanadaHelps, which leads to a delay in the charity receiving your donation. As a trusted charity ourselves, it’s critical to us to make all reasonable and best efforts to honour donors’ wishes, so CanadaHelps makes multiple attempts to contact the charity for correct information. If we cannot get updated banking information from the charity to send the funds via EFT, we will send your donation to the charity by cheque.

If we are unable to get the information we need to transfer the funds electronically, and if a cheque cannot be delivered to or cashed by a charity, we will contact you, the donor, for further direction.

In very rare cases (representing 0.007% of the donations we process), we are unable to disburse funds to the intended charity by EFT or cheque, and we are unable to get direction from the donor after multiple attempts. In these cases, after 18 months the funds become undisbursable and are reinvested into CanadaHelps’ charitable operations.

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