How does Personalized Discovery work?

Personalized discovery is designed to help Canadians find new charities and causes they might be interested in! We do this using a variety of data points including information about the charities you have shown interest, for example having viewed the charity’s profile page, added the charity to your favourites list or donated to the charity. We use this information to make suggestions for similar charities you might be interested in.

We make suggestions based on the things charities have in common such as the type of charitable work they do, if the charities are local, provincial or national in scope and if the charities have donors in common. For instance, if you are looking at a local environmental charity you might see suggestions for other local environmental charities. If a lot of people who give to that local environmental charity also give to a local charity that protects animals, you might also see that as a suggestion.

Not all charities will have suggestions. To make discovery information as helpful as possible, we only show results for charities we can confidently offer suggestions for. This means we need a certain amount of information for a charity before we can make a suggestion.

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