How do I receive CanadaHelps eNewsletters?

You can receive our emails in two ways:

1) When you donate or fundraise using, or donate directly to CanadaHelps, we add you to our CanadaHelps donor email list.

2) By subscribing to our email list using this form.

Donors and subscribers can unsubscribe immediately with a single click from the footer of any CanadaHelps promotional email or by contacting and providing our team with the email address you’d like to unsubscribe. Requests sent to are normally completed within 1-2 business days.

The CanadaHelps email program is fully CASL-compliant. There are special provisions in the legislation that allow charities, like us, to share information and raise funds through charitable donations. CanadaHelps is committed to increasing giving in Canada; we promote giving by sharing inspiring stories about charities and delving into cause-related issues. We occasionally send appeals featuring select charities in times of crisis or great need.

Please note: unsubscribing will only stop our eNewsletters. You may still receive messages related to your account, donations you’ve made, or tax receipts. We are legally obligated to send these emails to donors.

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