I just set up an account with CanadaHelps, but I can’t see my previous donations I made.

By default, your account’s donation history starts from the moment your account is created. This means that any past donations will not be automatically found under the “Donations & Receipts” section of your account. Now that the account is created, all donations processed with your account’s email address will be automatically saved in your donation history.

If you had made donations with your email address before creating your account, you can click on the “View unclaimed transactions” link under the “Donations & Receipts” section of your account. Our system will then guide you through the steps of verifying your email address, and identifying and claiming older transactions so they can appear in your donation history.

You can also use our tax receipt download tool. Enter the email address used to make the donation(s), and the year they were made. The tax receipt(s) will then be emailed directly to your inbox.

If you happen to have made a donation with an incorrect email address (for example, a typo, an email address that is no longer active, etc), please contact our team and it will be our pleasure to find and send you your receipt(s).

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